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Strategizing with you to help a child
Strategizing with you to help a child

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Services and Fees

Roth-Gutman Law’s goal is simple: To make legal services attainable, transparent, and leave you with a better understanding of the court and estate planning process. Fees are based on a combination of factors, including experience and skill. Roth-Gutman Law strives to be efficient through technology.

Division of Child Protection & Permanency (DCPP, formerly DYFS)

Pay-as-you-go legal fees for DCPP Consultations only. Roth-Gutman Law lets you represent yourself and obtain advice on the law, process and/or trial preparation as you need it. 


Everyone has their own agenda. Potential families, caregivers and family members are often caught in the middle trying to assist a child but left with no one to talk to about the process. Roth-Gutman Law is here to help support you and the best interest of the child(ren). Unfortunately, caseworkers, Deputy Attorney Generals, Law Guardians, CASA and the parents’ attorneys cannot provide resource parents (also known as foster parents) and family members with legal advice in DCPP matters. Ms. Roth-Gutman is a Child Welfare Law Specialist, certified by the National Association of Counsel for Children who can provide an objective, honest point of view.


*Roth-Gutman Law no longer litigates DCPP matters.


Virtual Consultation on:


Navigating DCPP/ DYFS and
Child Welfare for Caregivers


Flat Fee Package $875


  • Are you overwhelmed, worried, and exhausted?  Your concerns and questions should not be dismissed. 
  • This appointment focuses on legal guidance and case assessment to help caregivers, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, adult siblings, resource parents, and family friends navigate the child welfare system. This service may also include trial preparation or testimony preparation for permanency hearings, kinship legal guardianship hearings and termination of parental rights hearings.  
  • Includes approximately 3 hours of legal work, including a 1-hour meeting
  • Review of comprehensive intake questionnaire.
  • Upon receipt of the questionnaire as well as any court documents, Roth-Gutman Law will review and prepare to analyze and discuss the specific facts of your case or matter
  • After your consultation, you will be emailed relevant information to further assist you in your decision making.
  • Follow-up appointments are $375
  • * All fees are subject to change


Virtual Consultation to:



Determine whether
fostering or 

foster-to-adopt is
right for you



Flat Fee $525



  • Looking to grow your family? Do you have questions but are not ready to contact the state or a private adoption agency? Do you need someone objective to speak with about weighing your options?
  • Weigh the risks, realities, and advantages of NJ resource care (foster care) and foster-to-adopt before calling the State or contacting a private adoption agency.
  • 1-hour meeting
  • Review of intake questionnaire
  • Learn about visitation, court timelines, and the stakeholders (such as the Court, parents, Law Guardians, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)).
  • After your consultation, you will be emailed various documents to assist in your decision making.
  • Follow-up appointments are $375
  • * All fees are subject to change


Virtual Consultation:


on Services above


Flat Fee $375



  • Child welfare consultation for those who already benefited from an initial appointment and need additional assistance
  • 1-hour meeting
  • Book as many times as needed
  • * All fees are subject to change


DCPP Adoptions



DCPP covers the fees for this service 



  • Prior to Roth-Gutman Law filing an Adoption Finalization for you, please fill out the form on the schedule appointment page
  • This service is for resource parents or family members where the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP, formerly, DYFS) has already been granted guardianship by the Court, following a surrender or termination of parental rights and where the child has been placed with the family wishing to adopt.
  • Flat fee includes preparation of documents, filing, and court appearances
  • Atlantic County, Burlington County, Camden County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Gloucester County, Salem County



For Adult Children or older individuals who can no longer make critical personal or financial decisions for themselves. 



Flat Fee $2150, includes Court Filing Fee

  • Prior to Roth-Gutman Law filing a guardianship, please fill out the form on the schedule appointment page 
  •  We will meet for a brief consultation to see if filing for Guardianship is the appropriate legal action. A Power of Attorney may be an option as well.
  • Flat fee includes preparation of documents, filing, and court appearance if appearance is necessary, etc.
  • Flat fee rate is for uncontested cases only
  • If a matter becomes contested, an hourly rate will be applied.
  • The flat fee rate is for Roth-Gutman Law services only.  
  • Atlantic, Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County only
  • * All fees are subject to change

Wills, Living Wills and Power of Attorney


Estate Planning

Starting at $325 
Flat Fee will be determined after our consultation
    • Simple Wills
      • A Will may name who should care for children if a guardian passes away.
      • A Will expresses how finances should be managed after passing away. 
    • Power of Attorney
      • The General Durable Power of Attorney appoints someone to handle your financial affairs, including any long-term planning which might become necessary. 
      • A Medical Durable Power of Attorney appoints someone to make medical decisions for you, only if your doctor says that you are unable to make your own medical decisions. 
    • Living Will (Health Care Directive)
      • A Living Will is a legal document that expresses your preferences and directions for life-sustaining procedures if you are unable to make decisions to communicate your wishes and guides your physician and family about the kinds of decisions you would want or not want to sustain your life.
      • * All fees are subject to change

Additional Practice Areas

    • GAL (Guardian ad Litem) in Contested Custody and/or Divorce Cases. Hourly rate applies. Children must be able to meet in the Voorhees location- a neutral environment.
    • Post- Kinship Legal Guardianship Consultation. Hourly rate applies.
    • Court Appointed Attorney in Guardianship Cases. Hourly rate applies.
    • Adult Adoptions
    • Other services you do not see listed above but would like to see.


Note: For DCPP Consultations litigation, mediation, status conferences, discussing the matter with other involved parties, filing complaints, and motions are not included. The consultation will be based on the child welfare matter only. Roth-Gutman Law cannot guarantee or promise the outcomes of a case or strategy. No tax, insurance, or financial planning advice will be given.